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Professional Background Screening Services in Florida

All Clear Employee Screening provides background screening and drug screening services for businesses and individuals at any of our Florida offices. Book an appointment below or call us at  904-482-1305.

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We offer the ATF .EFT file at all locations and hard cards available at most locations.

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Trulieve applicants, please select a location most convenient to you. If you are having scheduling difficulty, please call 850-656-9400.

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On-Site and Mobile Screening Services for your Convenience

We are your one-stop shop for LiveScan electronic fingerprints and Level II Background Screens.

We provide a comfortable, confidential secure testing facility that is conveniently nearby, with quick, and accurate results.

Our Screening Services


Whether you need assistance finding the correct forms or understanding the requirements, we’re here to help.

Standard Drug Testing Panels

Whether it’s a 5-panel or 10-panel, we can test for “traditional” drugs and prescription drugs.

Hair Follicle Testing

In addition to the standard urine test, we also perform drug tests through hair follicle testing.

DOT Testing

Our facility is set up to comply with DOT-regulated drug testing procedures.

Background screening

(including, but not limited to credit histories and criminal records as well as Level II Background Screens) Pre-employment screening On-site testing


LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting Hard Card (ink) fingerprint cards Conversion from hard cards to electronic fingerprints for out-of-state applicants

On-Site Testing

Convenient and cost-effective which allows your employees to return to work in a timelier manner.

Alcohol Testings

If you need to determine if an employee, friend, or family member is under the influence, we can perform an alcohol test quickly to determine BAC levels.

Laboratory Tests for Employers and Individuals

Business owners understand the enormous benefits of maintaining a drug-free workplace. The economic impact of undetected drug use is easy to quantify based on accidents, absenteeism, high insurance rates, and theft—all of which impact the bottom line.


  • DOT Drug and Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing (Urine, Breath, or Hair)
  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing
  • Saliva Drug Testing
  • Adulterant Detection
  • DNA Testing
  • Fingerprinting

Always Staying on the Cutting Edge of the Drug Screening Industry

At All Clear, we understand that drug testing is an important tool for employers in maintaining a safe and productive workplace. However, we also know that the landscape of drug testing is constantly changing, with new drugs and new ways of taking them being developed all the time.

That's why we're committed to staying on the cutting edge of the drug screening industry, so that we can always offer our clients the most accurate and up-to-date testing services. We invest heavily in research and development so that we can always offer the latest advances in drug testing technology. And our team of experts regularly reviews the latest research to ensure that our methods are always effective.

So when you choose All Clear, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible service.


Working with All Clear has been so easy. We are in multiple locations in north Florida and they come to us, saving us time and money. Very professional and easy to work with.

Aimee Roberts Personal Security

The employees greeted me with such kindness and respect. They were soft spoken easy going and most of all I love that they get you in and out really fast

S. Reno

Great company for meeting my screening needs! I send all my potential staff here for fingerprint and drug test screenings. They give me a good price and help me to quickly and easily get the test results. I love to be able to use a local, owner run company in my business neighborhood and I can be sure my staff are quality based on PSC's thorough work!

Rose Travel

Needed a hard card finger printed for a new job and I was in and out in 15mins with no appointment needed. Friendly staff!

Michael S.

Amazingly quick and efficient service! Definitely did not expect this smooth of a process for fingerprints. Thank you Matt & Rachel!

J. Chastain

Extremely happy with All Clear. I had a very unique livescan need. Shannon, especially, worked patiently and professionally to figure out what we needed to do. All staff competent and professional.

Jeffrey M.

Everybody was very professional, and made the sign in process easy and efficient. The workers were pleasant and joked around which made the time pass quickly. The building itself is very clean with minimal clutter, plus it’s relatively easy to find which is nice for those of us who are not originally from here. All in all I’m glad I chose to come here for my fingerprinting services and will choose them again should I need their services again in the future.

L Wells

This company truly puts the serve in service. They were curteous, prompt, and responsive. Best of all they drove hours to come to us which saved us valuable time! I could not recommend them more highly.

Sylvia B.